Diana Initiative 2022: How to Become a Security Partner (and Why You Should)

Hey, Diana Initiative attendees and other interested parties! This is the blog post component of a talk I did on 11 August 2022 at the Diana Initiative in Las Vegas.

I wrote in greater detail about my specific security partner job as part of the product security team at Gusto here.

I compiled some security partner job descriptions here. As I am still getting LinkedIn updates on the search for “security partner,” I may add more to this doc in the future, though that will be dependent on LinkedIn sending me an actual security partner job someday, which has yet to happen.

There are chapters in Reinventing Cybersecurity from two security partners. It’s a free download, and I’m really proud of both my contribution to this book and the project as a whole. You can also order it for an amazingly low price from Amazon.

My BSides SF talk video is here, and a written version is here. This is not a talk specifically about security partnership, but what I talk about in it comes up in my job every day.

Netflix has written about security partner work, and both part one and part two are well worth reading.

And if you have further questions about security partner roles or anything else I covered in this presentation (slides here), come say hello to me on Twitter, and I’ll answer all the questions I can.