A Collection of Facts about Breanne in a Convenient List

Breanne holds an umbrella with cow ears and horns in front of the pyramids of Teotihuacan
I am or have been:

  • A security engineer with experience in vendor security, product security, and security education
  • A software engineer with a lot of interests, including security, shell scripting, devops and infrastructure, Python and Python and Python, team processes, and beautiful documentation
  • A writer of considerable¬†breadth, variety, and ability for more than 15 years now (yes, that’s since I was pretty young)
  • A content manager and strategist
  • A UX practitioner
  • An artist and a maker of zines, comics, and crafts
  • A user of she/her pronouns
  • A person born in the Midwest
  • A person who spent more than a decade in Seattle
  • An enthusiastic¬†Oaklander
  • Someone who wants to pet your cat or dog, if they’re cool with that