Hello, AWP 2022!

If you’re here, it might be because we talked and I gave you one of my shiny business cards. Here are some useful resources for knowing more about what I’m doing.

  • The posts on this blog are typically about my work as an SRE and then as a security engineer. Read on if you want, but there’s no fiction here (except the one about computers being a good idea; I assure you they are not).
  • I write about travel at Deviation Obligatoire.
  • My monthly writing newsletter is Optional But Encouraged. You can read my previous dispatches here.
  • I mostly write novels these days, which are in various phases of revision. I’m planning to query later this year. I write what I consider regular fiction (meaning no magic or spaceships) but also a fair amount of fantasy (yes magic) and sci-fi (yes spaceships).
  • I’ve written zines for a lot of years too. You can get glimpses of them here.
  • I’m on Twitter more than is ideal for, well, anyone, but there it is.
  • I ate my first cheesesteak this week, which represents more meat than I’ve probably eaten in the previous seven or eight years. Out of character for me, but it felt stupid to come all the way here and not eat the food of the people. I paired it with a Yuengling and a friend’s good company and felt fairly content.

Anyway, hi! I probably enjoyed talking to you. You know how to reach me. I hope AWP is treating you well (and me too, for that matter).