Writing for Work: Using Custom Containers for Deploys

One of my favorite ways to learn things (to complement, you know, doing them) is writing about them. In fact, I have a talking coming up in, oh, less than two weeks that talks in some detail about just this. It is, in my opinion, one of the advantages to hiring me, to be both self-serving and accurate about it.

I wanted to better understand our recent adoption of using containers for testing and deploys, so I wrote about it on the Truss blog. Behold: Easier Deploys with CircleCI and Custom Docker Containers.

I wonder how many of Unsplash‘s image results for “container” I can use before we turn to another new, shiny step into the future. Here’s another one I considered using, but I decided to stay more in our vein of infrastructure, getting things done, and the bay. boxes of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and some orange ones too

Unsplash: it’s useful.

Til next week, when I return with a link to the blog version of my next talk, wherein I let you in on the transferrable skills I learned in writing workshops but apply now in code reviews.